your pretty Electronics Engineer in the making.  20+. taken and loving it 🙂

i really don’t know why, but while all the other girls of my age are going gaga over make-ups, clubs, parties and boys, i’d rather stay at home on a Friday night, lay down on my bed and blog. i blog for a couple of years now. i don’t blog about something in particular. i did blog under “eatitrightnow” in tumblr, my most followed blog, because all you see there is my foodie adventures. but lately, i blog about anything under the sun because i stopped going around the metro just to try out some food. got too busy. i still blog though. about my heartaches. my lessons. my experiences. my adventures. just because, sometimes, you learn from others’ experiences.

feel free to press or share or stalk this blog. but mos probably, i turn off the comments. just like what i do on all my blogs.

SMILE, STRONG GIRL. you have been strong for a while now, don’t give up. someone out there is having it worse than you. and you are not alone, i am always here.


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